Cole Hersee announces new 12 volt LED line

Updated Jan 25, 2012

Cole Hersee, the Commercial Vehicle Products division of Littelfuse, announced that it has launched a new line of 12V LED vehicle pilot lights. The solid-state LED pilot lights last longer than incandescent bulbs, and may never need replacing. According to the company, LED lights run cooler, making them safer and less susceptible to heat buildup that may have the potential to cause fires. The energy efficient LED also reduces battery drain.

The new 12V LED pilot lights come in a wide variety of bezel sizes and terminal hole diameters. They are offered in red, amber, and green, with some models available in blue or white LED. Most feature ÂĽ-inch blade terminals, available as screw terminals by special order. The PL-525/526 snap-in series is offered in both steady and blinking versions.
With no bulb to work loose, the lights are unaffected by vibration, contributing to their longevity. With LED lights, fleet managers no longer need to maintain an extensive inventory of replacement bulbs and use up valuable maintenance time replacing bulbs. Less downtime for vehicles means more revenue-producing hours per vehicle. LEDs are also unaffected by on-off cycling, and their brightness doesn’t diminish over time.

“LEDs can function over a wider range of temperatures, from desert conditions to frigid weather,” said Graeme Marsden, marketing communications manager for Littelfuse CVP. “They are not susceptible to the corrosion that may occur in bulb bases and sockets and they draw far fewer watts from your batteries for the amount of light emitted.”