Michelin hails Commercial Service Network Anniversary

Michelin Americas Truck Tires is celebrating the first anniversary of its Michelin Commercial Service Network, a franchise network of commercial tire dealers committed to establishing standards for consistent, high-quality service across the U.S. The network has achieved some significant milestones in the last year including:

Doubled nationwide coverage
More than 1,700 TIA-trained technicians
Auditing 100 percent of network franchisees

“Michelin is proud of our network of servicing dealers and the exceptional service they have offered to fleets over the last year,” said Vic Koelsch, chief operating officer, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “As always, we will continue to look for ways to help dealers be more efficient and offer even better products and services to their customers.”

Michelin has also recently enhanced its ONCallTM Emergency Road Service by increasing notifications during an event. Now fleets are notified not only when the call has been placed, but also updated throughout the process and finally notified when they are once again rolling.

“With the ONCall service notifications, Michelin is giving me a lot more information which helps RE West Transportation provide even better service to our customers,” said MICHELIN®Premier EliteTM customer Dustin Stricker, maintenance manager, RE West Transportation. “We are running many different types and sizes of tires and the Michelin reporting tools help us make sure things match up. They have always been a great partner, that is why we run 100 percent Michelin.”

By registering at no charge for the MICHELIN® PremierTM Service Offer, fleets can track their individual ERS event activity online. Upgrading to Premier Elite gives fleets access to additional comprehensive monthly ERS analysis.

The Michelin Premier and Premier Elite online reporting tools provide fleet managers help in managing assets and reducing operational costs. Easy-to-use dashboard reporting tracks everything from purchases to scrap tires. Fleets spend less time gathering and analyzing data and more time making decisions, because the online reporting tools utilize the entire servicing network to feed information into the system.

Michelin Premier customers also receive a customized service manual that outlines the fleet’s specifications and requirements to both servicing dealers and the fleet’s terminals. Michelin Premier Elite customers receive a more deluxe service manual that is online. Both the servicing network and the customer’s terminals have access to the online service manual and are notified of any changes.

The Michelin Premier and Premier Elite Service Offers provide a full catalog of web-based training courses developed by Michelin to help fleets stay up-to-date on maintenance standards and safety practices, as well as general business courses. For more information on the Michelin Service Offers and the Michelin Commercial Service Network, visit www.michelintruck.com.