SkyBitz joins DASH7 Alliance

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Updated Apr 1, 2011

SkyBitz, a provider of remote asset tracking and information management systems, announced its membership in the DASH7 Alliance, a non-profit industry consortium that promotes the use of the ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standard for wireless sensor networking.

As a member of the DASH7 Alliance, SkyBitz will work with more than 50 member organizations around the world to advance development of the DASH7 standard as well as integrate DASH7 technology into its latest global products. DASH7 is a wireless sensor networking technology that evolved from the radio-frequency identification and sensing technologies used in the defense industry.

With SkyBitz’s membership in the DASH7 Alliance, the company will have access to the latest DASH7 specifications, working group activities, and opportunities to exchange ideas and insights among various member groups in similar and varying vertical markets.

“This gives us the opportunity to not only see how other countries and industries are applying these technologies, it also allows us to share our expertise and help shape the future of wireless sensor networking,” said Craig Malone, senior vice president of product development, SkyBitz.

The SkyBitz Galaxy Series GTP2000, will be the first new product to include DASH7 technology. The technology will help with supply chain challenges such as yard management, the company says. Data from the RFID tags will be integrated with other location-based information through SkyBitz’s web-based application, InSight.

In addition, RFID technology can be applied to enhance preventive maintenance programs, where detailed asset and maintenance information can be stored on tags allowing for a more flexible and scalable operation. RFID technology can also improve supply chain management with consignment information and manifest data stored on the tag and accessible via a WAN link, providing full visibility of the chain of custody as well as detailed cargo information.