AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL rises to the cloud

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Updated Apr 27, 2012

Accellos Inc., a provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has launched a new Cloud-managed service for its AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL product. The service, which will be offered to both existing and new customers running Accellos’ 3PL management software, includes the provisioning of the computing infrastructure required to run the software, system and database and administration services and technical support on the software.

The service is sold as a subscription. Key benefits, according to Accellos, include:
• Flexible subscription pricing;
• Elastic computing resources;
• System and database administration services that ensure a healthy and stable system;
• High-availability data center that provides redundant power, Internet and cooling to maximize uptime;
• Automated system that monitors proactively identified issues before they impact operations; and
• The ability to personalize the system to meet needs of 3PL operations.

“We continually see our 3PL customers focused on the core of their operations including servicing their clients with perfect inventory and order execution,” says Joe Couto, Senior vice president and general manager of the Accellos 3PL Business Unit. “Although technology is important to 3PLs, few want to be burdened by managing the underlying infrastructure to keep their systems running. Our new managed service removes this burden from the customer, allowing them to focus on their core business.”

Accellos has teamed with Amazon Web Services to deliver the new Cloud service. AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL will utilize the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, which provides enterprise-class cloud technology that can be scaled to meet the needs of Accellos and Accellos customers.

“Cloud computing technology is perfect for 3PLs,” says Ross Elliott, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Accellos. “The cloud provides elastic computing resources that can flex as a 3PL grows. Additionally, it allows the 3PL to align its revenue and expense because you don’t have large capital investment for expensive server hardware with the cloud.”