Meritor developing new products

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Updated Sep 19, 2012

At the IAA Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, Germany, Meritor Inc. announced an incremental investment of $16 million in its European brake operations, building on a $42 million investment the company announced at the 2010 IAA show to solidify its position as a global on-highway brake leader.

Meritor also announced the development of new products, such as SmartTandem and LogixDrive, designed to improve performance, efficiency and safety using a pneumatic control unit family developed in-house.

“Meritor is expanding its controls and electronics capabilities, and developing systems that improve the functional capabilities and diagnostics of our core brake and drivetrain products,” said Simon Dean, senior director, Advanced Engineering and Electronics, Meritor. “In addition, Meritor is creating products, including the new PCU, which is the platform for multiple systems that provide value and safety for vehicles.”

Starting next year, Meritor plans to introduce the SmartTandem system designed to provide traction for 6×2 applications by actively managing suspension and differential lock. Meritor LogixDrive will utilize the PCU in pneumatic configurations, measuring speed, braking and engine torque to help manage lubrication and optimize axle efficiency; LogixDrive also is expected to be available in an all-electric version.

Additionally, tire inflation systems, air suspension controls, lift-axle systems and driveline controls utilizing variants of the PCU will follow; Meritor says these items can help balance loads, control trailer height and enhance traction, resulting in a safer, more efficient vehicle.

“Using the PCU, we’re producing technology that makes the roads safer and vehicles more efficient,” Dean said. “These are not just concepts – they are validated products that are either on the road now or will be shortly.”

Meritor also introduced the next generation of its top-selling European axle, the lightweight 17X system. Designed and engineered for the 13-ton class, the new 17X light has been updated in all areas – axle housing, carrier and brake integration – to optimize axle efficiency, according to the company.

Meritor also introduced two additions to its European disc brake family – the ELSA 225H and ELSA 225L. The optimized ELSA 225H is engineered for interchangeability with industry- standard brakes and the additional benefit of performance upgraded to 30kNm at a lighter weight, while the ELSA 225L is built to be a lighter-weight alternative product for 25kNm applications.

The company also displayed the latest version of its 18X single-reduction axle for the linehaul market with a gross combination weight up to 65 tons, permitting it to be used for a variety of applications that formerly required a hub-reduction axle set.