ConMet Hubs to be standard equipment on Peterbilt trucks

Beginning with trucks built in July, 2013, PreSet Plus hub assemblies from Consolidated Metco (ConMet) will be standard on all Peterbilt Class 8 trucks manufactured at its Denton, TX plant.

“Peterbilt trucks have always been at the forefront of product technology and innovation,”
explains Bill Kozek, Peterbilt General Manager. “ConMet’s PreSet Plus hub assemblies support that tradition by insuring our trucks are equipped with the most advanced wheel ends on the market.”

According to ConMet, PreSet Plus hub assemblies feature ConMet Premium bearings, which offer several design advantages over standard bearings, including:
• 40 percent improvement in surface finish that results in superior rolling contact, reduced friction, lower operating temperatures and increased lubrication.
• Precisely engineered profiles minimize raceway and roller stresses under heavy loads and better utilize the roller length under light loads
• Increased bearing life even when used in demanding conditions such as wide-base single wheels and misalignment due to spindle wear.

In addition, PreSet Plus feature:
• An integrated spindle nut simplifies installation, protects components during installation and removal, and aids in removal of the assembly during service.
• A patented nut system increases clamp, which improves safety and eliminates adjustments required to engage a locking ring.
• A new bearing spacer optimized for the PreSet Plus system to accommodate higher clamp loads.
• Field-serviceable components
• Pre-adjusted bearings
• Standard, long-life oil seal
• Magnetic fill plug is included on drive and trailer hubs for inspection of metal particles in lubricant
• Simplified re-installation

“We wanted to set the bar even higher when it comes to wheel hub technology,” explained Mark Wagner, vice president of Wheel Ends for ConMet. “PreSet Plus provides Peterbilt with a product that is easier to install than conventional hubs and is easier for technicians to service.”

PreSet Plus hub assemblies are available in aluminum for lightweight solutions and in iron for non-weight sensitive applications. There are designs for steer, drive and trailer axles as well as for disc and drum brakes.