Van, reefer rates get boost from holidays, flatbed dinged by weather

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Updated Dec 11, 2013

13 november ratesThe per-mile flatbed rate on the spot market ($2.04) hit its lowest monthly average in November since March, according to Internet Truckstop, with the fall presumably coming as construction waned in the month due to colder weather and generally poor weather nationwide.

Reefer and dry van, however, spiked in November, reported Internet Truckstop led by a 10-cent jump in the per-mile dry van rate ($1.98)and a 6-cent bump in the reefer rate ($2.23), spurred by retail and grocery demand during the holiday season, presumably.

With November’s rate, dry van has hit or topped the $1.98 mark four times this year. It did that just twice in 2012 and and no other time since Internet Truckstop began reporting rates in 2005.

Flatbed, whose rates are mostly low in volatility, have hovered between $1.94 and $2.14 since early 2011. It’s also been between $2.02 and $2.14 each month since March of this year.

All three segments reported all-time highs in June  before declining in the next three months.

Dry van and reefer rates rose in November of last year and in 2011 before falling off in the winter months.