Omnitracs Analytics shares 5 tips for happy drivers

In support of Driver Appreciation Week, Omnitracs Analytics (formally FleetRisk Advisors) has put together a list of quick tips to help fleet managers foster long-lasting and trusting relationships with drivers, with the goal of keeping them happy and feeling appreciated year-round.

Trust – Fostering trusting relationships between fleet managers and drivers is crucial to the safety, productivity and satisfaction of the driver, as well as increasing profitability of the entire fleet.  To help build and maintain trusting relationships, ensure honest and open discussions with your drivers in all forms of communication, especially when it comes to load assignments. It’s not enough to trust your drivers; they must trust you, too.
Consistency – In today’s uncertain trucking climate, drivers crave consistency. One of the easiest ways to keep your drivers happy is by simply paying them on time. Make sure your drivers are clear about the value and anticipated delivery date of their paychecks to avoid disappointment and frustration on the tail end.
Listen –Open, two-way communication between fleet managers and drivers is essential to maintaining good manager-driver relationships. Taking the time to listen to a driver’s concerns can help boost employee loyalty and help fleet managers remediate issues before they develop into larger problems (i.e. accidents, voluntary termination or workers’ compensation claims). Alongside listening, it’s also important to mirror a driver’s behaviors to help them feel more comfortable and open.
Establish Recognition Programs – Implementing end-of-year incentives and year-round recognition programs is a great way to show your drivers that you value and appreciate their dedication and hard work. From employee of the month awards to year-end bonuses for safe driving habits, these programs give drivers something to strive for and help build pride fleet-wide.
Monitor for change – Lacking valuable face time, fleet managers must monitor for changes in drivers’ behaviors to proactively remediate potentially troublesome situations or events. Predictive analytics systems, such as those offered by Omnitracs Analytics, arm fleet managers with the tools and information needed to have the right conversation, with the right driver, at the right times.