CCJ Indicators: Truck orders hang strong in Feb., trailer orders sag following order uptick

Trucking related economic indicators in the last week reveal the trailer order balloon might have popped, while truck orders stay elevated.

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Truck orders strong, for now: Class 8 net orders in February totaled 31,100 units, according to ACT Research’s data. That’s a 7 percent jump from last February and the 25th straight month of year-over-year gains, ACT says. “Although February’s order volume qualifies as the weakest month in the past five, on a seasonally adjusted basis it also represents of ninth consecutive month of orders over 28,000.” However, order activity may slack some in the coming months, Vieth says, as the 2015 build schedule is filling up quickly. “It is unlikely that this string of robust order activity can extend much beyond April/May.”[/gttable]

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Trailer orders tumble back to reality: Net trailer orders in February were down 32 percent from last February and 26 percent from January, according to data released by FTR last week. The trailer market, FTR says, is moderating itself after a the 2014’s fourth quarter record-setting streak.

“Orders fell significantly, but this was to be expected at some point,” said FTR’s Don Ake. “Many OEMs are booked solid through the third quarter, with large fleets having placed all their orders for 2015 requirements. We have no concerns about the large drop in orders this month. The year is nearly booked full, so there are not many build slots left for new orders.”[/gttable]