ALK Maps adds new traffic, routing visualization overlays

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Updated Dec 2, 2015

ALK MapsALK Technologies, a Trimble Company, has added new map overlays to improve route planning and data insights from ALK Maps, a web-based, customizable interactive mapping platform.

“Our new capabilities provide tools not only for enhanced transportation route planning, but also for improved strategic decision making,” said Rishi Mehra, director of web products at ALK Technologies.

ALK Maps’ new visualization overlays include:

Traffic Incidents

View traffic occurrences, including accidents, roadwork and weather-related events, identified by an icon directly on the map. The new traffic incident layer provides visibility of potential impacts or delays for current or future routes for more accurate ETAs and re-routing of affected drivers.

Drive Time Polygons

Generate and display polygon boundaries showing how far a driver can travel within an indicated length of time (maximum 120 minutes) from a specified origin or location. Drive time capacity insight within a given geographic area allows companies to ensure appointment times and service commitments are met. It also can increase mobile workforce efficiency by providing data that allows companies to complete more jobs per day or locate truck stops and maintenance facilities in a specific area.

Elevation Routing

Elevation routing helps to ensure pressure-sensitive goods are delivered safely, and prevents cargo damage by avoiding roads above a certain elevation. Fewer gradient road changes may also result in fuel efficiency and lessen environmental impact with reduced gas emissions.

Boundary Polygons

Highlight U.S. state and Canadian provincial boundaries, as well as U.S. county and zip code boundaries, allowing users to analyze regional data or view assets in localized groupings.