e4Score integrates TrackAssure visibility portal with Trucker Tools’ Load Track

The control room at Unilever shows live shipment data using the e4score TrackAssured product.The control room at Unilever shows live shipment data using the e4score TrackAssured product.

Earlier this year, consumer goods company Unilever approached Chuck Irwin with a problem. Its transportation division wanted gate-to-gate visibility of shipments pulled by any carrier and asset.

In addition to providing location and shipment status, Unilever wanted to track load temperatures to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act. Irwin responded by developing a new product, e4score TrackAssure, that provides shippers with aggregated shipment visibility in a control tower portal.

The product is designed to integrate with carrier telematics and transportation management systems to capture the location and status of shipments.

To have visibility of shipments pulled by carriers without a TMS, such as owner operators and small carriers, and to have visibility of freight at the driver level, e4score announced an integration with Trucker Tools. The integration gives logistics service providers (LSPs) single-screen visibility to all of their shipments.

Trucker Tools’ driver smartphone app and its automated Load Track platform uses the GPS on a driver’s smartphone to capture near real-time shipment location status updates. Load Track includes automatic arrival and departure notifications, instant two-way driver messaging and document capture as well.

The e4score TrackAssure platform also integrates with a temperature tracking device and trailer seals from Vypin that sends trailer temperatures and seal status to the Trucker Tools mobile app to monitor alongside location.

The integration displays Load Track status updates on the TrackAssured portal alongside data provided directly by large asset-based carriers. This eliminates the need for LSPs to go to carrier online portals to track their freight.

“Our LSP customers that choose to broker some of their shipments to large asset-based carriers can now monitor all of their shipments, with any carrier, on a single screen,” said Prasad Gollapalli, chief executive officer of Trucker Tools. “The integration with TrackAssured streamlines shipment visibility, completely eliminating the burden of check calls or querying many different carrier portals.”

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LSPs can also utilize the collaboration features on TrackAssured, such as automatic Alert Notification and Customer Share, to provide their customers with service and on-time performance.

“The benefits of the integration can be realized within months. On-boarding is quick and easy. The LSP’s carriers simply add the LSP’s shipments to their current data feed or install our advanced data feed plug-in,” said Chuck Irwin, president of e4score TrackAssured.