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Updated Feb 5, 2018
Lytx’s latest enhancement to its DriveCam platform is Lytx Video Services (LVS).Lytx’s latest enhancement to its DriveCam platform is Lytx Video Services (LVS).

In June 2016, Idelic acquired a driver safety management system called SafetyBox that was developed by Pitt Ohio, an LTL and truckload carrier with a network concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

Idelic worked with Carnegie Mellon to develop machine learning algorithms that predict with 90 percent accuracy which drivers in a fleet will be in accidents. SafetyBox has a flexible API architecture to integrate with any third-party applications a fleet uses to manage drivers, such as telematics, video event recorders and HR systems.

The product is designed to be a comprehensive database for a “360 degree” view of driver compliance, safety, performance and risk, says Hayden Cardiff, founder and chief executive of Idelic. The system is able to identify drivers in need of corrective actions and automate the workflow to remediate risk, he says.

Idealic is also building a mobile app for drivers that will include a scoring feature to let drivers compare with their peers and see what they need to do to improve and benchmark progress.

Overall, the technology makes it possible for fleet managers to “clearly see with a high percentage of accuracy which drivers are on a trend to getting in an accident,” he says, to “step in, get training, and bring them back into the safe band.”

Lytx’s latest enhancement to its DriveCam platform is Lytx Video Services (LVS), which offers always-on capability for video retrieval with side-view and other expandable options for a full view around the vehicle.

When logging into the system as a driver coach, users see the “cards” of events to coach. The cards provide a high-level overview of the driver and behavior to coach on, explains Kim Masterson, senior product marketing manager of Lytx.

Fleets that use LVS can grab an extended recording of events — 30 seconds before and after the triggered event. Its customers will have the option of adding up to four auxiliary cameras, she says, to review up to 100 hours of recorded video by selecting the date and timeframe they wish to review. Live streaming will also be available.

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A fleet manager may want to use LVS to review a delivery event to make sure a driver was wearing the correct gear, for example, or verify that a driver conducted a pre-trip inspection.

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